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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Danny Arnold
Plex Nutrition

Danny Arnold, regarded as one of the country’s leading experts on human performance, is the Founder and Director of Plex. Plex, which has 3 locations through out the Houston area, offers performance, nutritional and rehabilitation programs and services to any individual, regardless of age, sport or skill level, that is trying to improve their overall lifestyle. Additionally, every Saturday morning on the Houston airwaves, Danny Arnold is the host of "The Arnold Factor", a motivating and inspiring radio show that gives listeners the truthful and unique perspective on how we can live much healthier and energetic life.

Danny ArnoldDanny Arnold, who is Nicaraguan, graduated from Texas Southern University with a BA in Science and Dietetics, where he also played football and ran track. After his successful colligate career, Danny Arnold then continued with TSU and coached in both football and track where he also implemented performance training and nutrition programs to his players. It was during this tenure, as a player and coach, with the personal experience of training and recovering from two reconstruction surgeries, that prompted Danny Arnold that he would one day create a haven, where any individual, regardless of age, sport or skill level, could go attend to improve their overall performance. Whether the individual is coming back from an injury or trying to become the best at their craft, Arnold was going to build this unique facility. And in 1997, this became a reality when Plex was created.

Today, Plex has grown to be the home to thousands of individuals. From the NFL athlete trying to win the Super Bowl, to the individual trying to lose weight. What ever the goal, Plex is now, and will continue to be there, for all trying to improve. To simplify, helping everyone maximize the potential inside their bodies is not just Danny Arnold's job, it is his life, which is why he opened Plex – to bring what he has learned, believes in and developed to everyone out there who aspires to perform better at whatever they do.

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