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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Karuna Mayi Diedericks
Ayurvedic Psychology

1.25 hours

Ayurveda is a complete and holistic healing system which focuses as much on the health of the mind as it does on the health of the body. Traditionally, Ayurveda recognizes that the three main causes of disease are: doshic imbalances; the presence of rajas and tamas in the mind; and karma. In this class we will explore these concepts and learn how to heal the mind through diet and pranayama.

Karuna Mayi Diedericks Karuna Mayi has been practicing and teaching bhakti yoga and vegetarian cooking for the past sixteen years. After graduating from the University of Cape Town in 1996, she received a fellowship to travel to India where she studied bhakti yoga and Indian vegetarian cooking under master chef, Kurma Dasa. Upon returning to Cape Town, she was placed in charge of the main catering division at the Hare Krishna Temple. In 1999, after a foot injury, she became a keen practitioner of Iyengar yoga, maintaining a steady practice of bhakti and hatha yoga for many years. At the same time she developed an interest in Ayurveda. When she moved to San Diego, California in 2004 she decided to make an in-depth study of the ancient holistic healing system.

In 2007, Karuna qualified as a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist (PKS) at the California College of Ayurveda, one of the leading Ayurvedic schools in the USA. Through the same college she also received her Pancha Karma Specialist (PKS) certification, qualifying her to provide a number of Ayurvedic Body treatments such as abhyanga (oil massage) and shirodhara (head oil therapy). Shortly after receiving her degree, Karuna moved to Houston and has been practicing Ayurveda there since. Karuna pursued and received Yoga Teacher Certification through the Yoga Institute of Houston in 2008. Ayurveda teaches that food plays an essential part in one's health and sense of well-being. Thus her main contribution is through education, providing Ayurvedic cooking classes at different locations around Houston.

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