Rice University - Houston, Texas
Barbara and David Gibbs
Recreation and Wellness Center

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Maggie Grueskin
Overcoming Burnout

1.25 hours

To be authentic healers, we must first start with ourselves… An often overlooked subject is the well-being of physicians, nurses, residents and other caregivers, who in Houston alone, provide care for over 6 million patients annually. In this session, we will explore the effects of stress and burnout on physicians, review causes and early-signs, how to cope and plan for recovery; outline the Chopra Center’s Ayurvedic approach to healthy living; and review the Texas Medical Association’s efforts to organize Physician Health Programs.


Maggie Grueskin Maggie is the Owner / Director of Ekam Yoga Center, voted as Houston area’s #1 Yoga studio by The Houston Press 2010. She started ‘Operation Homefront’, a non-profit in Chicago to help the families of deployed soldiers and led a C.E.N. training on Negotiations for executive women at Ernst & Young. "I believe that work provides us the opportunity to share our innate skills and abilities, in the service of others."

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