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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Laura Pressley, PhD
Ensure You and Your Family Have the Purest and Most Chemical-Free Drinking Water

Dr. Pressley will lead a discussion on how critical chemical- free drinking water is to the health of adults and children. She will discuss the chemicals in Houston’s tap water, their health effects, and how various filtration processes can reduce and remove these dangerous chemicals. There are many filtration systems on the market and we’ll share the pros and cons of Reverse Osmosis, Ceramic Filters, along with others and how these systems operate and their effectiveness.

We will share chemical testing data on various sources of drinking water and show how rain water provides the purest and cleanest supply of water for drinking, bathing and gardening and how one can access this abundant resource.

Dr. Laura Pressley Dr. Pressley holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from U.T. Austin.

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