Rice University - Houston, Texas
Barbara and David Gibbs
Recreation and Wellness Center

Saturday, October 29, 2011

John Smither
Dance Evolution - Freestyle Ecstatic Dance

1.25 hours

Dance Evolution is a freestyle barefoot community dance designed to elevate and upgrade the experience of being. The creator, Sydney "Samadhi" Strahan, facilitates conscious creation of sacred space including sophisticated sequences of music to evoke spiritual expressiveness in personal and group movement. Come enjoy this interactive movement playground where creative possibilities are infinite and freedom, peace, love, and joy preside. This interactive movement playground consists of a short warm-up time to stretch the body and get 'out of the mind', a facilitated opening circle for explanation and invitation, followed by a flow of juicy music ending in a guided gratitude meditation. The session wraps up with a shareback circle to honor our experiences and send out blessings to our homes, families, and the worlds we live in.

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