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Barbara and David Gibbs
Recreation and Wellness Center

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Vicki Richards Upchurch, BSN, RNr
Reduce Stress & Feel Better with HeartMath®

1.25 hours

Stress is prevalent in our daily lives, from the smaller issues of being stuck in traffic, to large ones like our health, relationships, career, etc. While some stress can even be beneficial, it is estimated that over 75% of doctor’s visits are related to stress. HeartMath® created a system of tools and techniques to help people reduce the effect that stress can have on their health. Marije Miller, Trainer and Coach at HeartMath LLC, will explain how stress affects your body, teach you some helpful tools to use for yourself or clients, and demonstrate the award winning emWave® technology.

Marjie Miller Vicki Upchurch started Lifestyle Choices in 2007 to assist people with obtaining the necessary tools needed to have the life they’d always aspired. One of those tools she teaches is HeartMath, a biofeedback program which helps reduce stress so people can manage their emotions to increase mental clarity and efficiency, happiness, and obtain better health. She also educates clients one on one regarding diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, smoking cessation, abnormal lipid panel or other lab values, anxiety, and other lifestyle-related disorders. She has spent more than 30 years in Nursing, Management and then Healthcare Sales and Sales Management for several large national home infusion companies. Her greatest desire is helping people create themselves to be all they can be.

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