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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Martie Whittekin, CCN
Gut Feeling – How your intestinal tract affects everything else

1.5 hours

The digestive tract can be out of sight and out of mind until it calls attention to itself with something like heartburn, gas, constipation or the reverse. But even when it isn’t talking to us, it is indirectly controlling virtually every aspect of our health. Energy, mood, joint function and a vast array of conditions can be improved by increasing the effectiveness of digestion in its various stages. Conversely, a digestive system that is out of balance can actually be a cause of disease. Learn how much of your health is under your control.

Marti WhittikenMartie Whittekin is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist with almost 30 years experience. She has hosted the nationally-syndicated radio talk show, Healthy by Nature since 1997. She writes a free weekly newsletter, Health e- Notes. Subscribe, read free articles and find the radio show in your area at www.RadioMartie.com.

Martie is the author of:

Martie has long been active in the leadership of the nutrition industry and the fight for freedom of choice in health care. She has testified at several congressional hearings in Washington and has won numerous awards. Ms. Whittekin is a popular speaker as well as radio and TV guest.

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